Learn with Your Friends!

Tumbling is vital part of competitive cheerleading and some athletes learn better in a fun, competitive and supporting group environment. Group lessons are available by level and are available almost every day of the week!

  • Build Confidence with each other
  • Set and Exceed Goals with your friends
  • Flexible Lesson Times for parents
  • MultiPass Memberships

Group classes are being introduced to help our athletes achieve their goals in a supportive, competitive and fun environment. Class times are spread out across the week to allow scheduling flexibility for busy families, scroll down to see what programs are available for your family. All PCG athletes are encouraged and welcome to start taking classes with their favourite instructors at the Power Cheer Gym.


TumblePack Memberships are available for the athletes that just can't get enough time in the gym! Packages are available in 5 and 20 lessons packages, for a discounted price too!

These packages are only available for athletes on our competitive teams. To purchase a TumblePack - click on the button next to the Sign Up! icon below and then select TumblePack.

If you have any questions about taking tumbling lessons at the Power Cher Gym, click on Contact in the main menu.