The Power Cheer Gym currently offers numerous All Star teams for athletes of all skill level and age range.
Traditionally, teams are comprised of up to 32 athletes and are selected based on age and skill ability. For information on how teams are selected and when tryouts are, visit the Team Placement page for a complete break down.

The PCG currently has 11 All Star teams that compete in levels 1 trough 5.

(age 5-6 as of Aug 31)

(age 7-8 as of Aug 31)

(ages 8-11 as of Aug 31)
Youth Level 1 and 2


(ages 10-14 as of Aug 31)
Junior Level 1, 2 and 3

(ages 12-18 as of Aug 31)
Senior Level 2, 4 and 5

Crazy Fish
(18+ as of Aug 31)
Open 4.2

Special Needs Team 'S-10'
(All Ages accepted)
Team runs September through April