Since gyms are releasing Team Placement dates and announcing how many teams they are going to have, we always get questions regarding the number of teams we’ll be offering next season and our answer is much like our friends at PCT... We offer them all. With that being said; we can't guarantee any of them.

Why's that?

At the Power Cheer Gym we are focused on our athletes in our program and placing them on a team that matches their skill level. You can’t do that if you are looking to pad numbers and fill spots on a team.

By placing athletes on the correct teams, it allows for our teams to be successful and highly competitive. Most importantly it allows athletes to develop and foster around like-skilled teammates - they become better all around athletes. 

For those returning or those who are interested in  joining the Power Cheer Gym next season, our tryout dates have been announced!

New for this season, we are structuring our tryouts based on age, not teams.

May 9th - New Athlete Prospects Night
(8 and up)

May 23rd - Ages 5 to 10
(Tiny, Mini, Youth)

May 24th - Ages 10 to 14
(Youth and Junior)

May 25th - Ages 12 to 18
(Junior and Senior)