The history of the bell.. As awesome as it would be to say we stole it from a train, or found it in an abandoned
schoolhouse outside of London. The history of the bell isn't all that fun. Trace was out shopping for some trees in Hyde Park and noticed it nestled in the trees and long grass. He asked the salesman about the bell, turns out he didn't even know it was there. Expecting to hear an astronomical number, the guy told Trace it was only $50 - he took it and ran. He later returned to Hyde Park for the trees he left behind.

From there, the bell has been positioned at the highest, fully visible structure in the gym (you know, like a bell tower...). That way, where your  athlete rings the bell, everyone can hear it. The bell can be rang for ANY new skill obtained at the gym. From a back walkover to standing tuck to a layout full  or even a perfect full down from double base, the bell is here to celebrate being awesome.

This page is being assembled for that purpose, celebrating our athletes being awesome.

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No pressure Sarah. This talented girl rang the bell at the end of the PCG Showcase last Sunday afternoon. She took the floor and nailed her RO-BHS-BHS-LAYOUT! Awesome job!

So we made a deal with Alana and Olivia, they had to hit this 3 times before we would post it. The one time we film it, their timing was a bit off. Either way, awesome work! Soon, we trade the tucks for layouts?