History Runs Deep

Why we do what we do...
The term ‘Family’ gets thrown around a lot in sports. For three of our coaches, it literally is a second family to them, as they grew up in the gym together. Viper Coaches Natalie Mills, Alina Oliveira and Alicia Haché have been with the PCG for over a combined 35 years. They started together in Youth, worked their way up the ranks all the way through to our Senior Vipers, and now find themselves coaching together.

Athletes see their passion for the sport and want to follow in their footsteps. Victoria Noon is entering her 12th season with the Power Cheer Gym. “I grew up watching my coaches as athletes, and I saw how close they were with each other,” Victoria said. “I know this is the place that I wanted to be at … this gym really does become your second family.”

Noon is one of many Viper Athletes that have been with the program for an extended period of time.

“You feel good when you look at your team and you see kids who have been with the gym for seven, eight, 12 years,” said Senior Coach Garrett Skinn. “It’s odd that you get that these days... Then you look across the gym and see Olivia Mills flipping across the floor. She’s only 10 years old and in her 7th year at the PCG."


Interested in joining a Viper team for the 2016 season and missed tryouts? Viper teams start at 4 years of age (Tiny Vipers) and run all the way up through Mini (6-8), Youth (7-11), Junior (11-14) and Senior (14-18). Call to arrange a meeting with one of our fully certified, fun and friendly coaches. 519-667-0565 or E-mail: pcg@powercheergym.com.

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