A huge Thank You to all of our Vipers who attended our first Elite Training Camp. 

Over 50 athletes from nearly every Viper team attended the camp at the Power Cheer Gym featuring numerous guest instructors including Matt Rhine, his son Blase Rhine (Rockstar Beatles/Stingrays Steel) and Shae Book (Western Mustangs and 2x World Champion; Great White Sharks). 

Plans are already in the works for Matt, Blase and few "Rockstar" friends to come up next season. 

The Viper staff would also like to thank Susan Murray for organizing the Potluck lunch on Saturday. The staff, guest instructors and athletes appreciate your hardwork and thank all those parents who contributed.

Just who were the Guest Instructors for this weekend? Only at the PCG will you see an all star cast of coaches like this...

  • Blase Rhine – RockStar Beatles, Former Stingrays Steel, 2016 Cheersport National Champion, 2016 World’s Silver Medalist
  • Shae Book – Western Mustangs, Former Great White (Back to Back World Champion) and former member of Team Canada (Gold Medalist), new Viper Staff
  • Matt Rhine – Choreographer, Stunt and Building Judge at Events across North America (Blase’s dad)
  • Spencer Andrews – Western Mustangs, member of Team Canada, tumbling instructor, Viper Staff
  • Kim Fraser – Former Western Mustang, Dance and Acro gymnastics instructor, Viper Staff
  • Eryn Dempsey - Fanshawe Black Falcons, Former Super Cheer Navy Seals, tumbling instructor, Viper Staff
  • Josh Kashef – Fanshawe Black Falcons, tumbling instructor, Viper Staff
  • Natalie Mills – Long time Viper, Fanshawe Black Flacon, tumbling instructor, Viper Staff
  • Sylvie Lendvay – Former Wolf Pack Golden Girl, Former member of Western All Girl, Viper Staff
  • Jessie Pinkney – Western All Girl, 2015 PCA National Champion
  • Miranda Clark – Western All Girl, 2015 PCA National Champion
  • Max Pfeiffer – Western Mustangs, Viper Staff
  • Garrett Skinn – Coach, Western All Girl – 2015 PCA National Champions, Viper Staff
  • Kaitlyn Harvey – Former Western Mustang, Former Member of Team Canada, Viper Staff


New skill = a hug from Blase. Camp Goals, complete.

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