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Building Leaders and Champions.

Established in 1998, the Power Cheer Gym is the largest dedicated cheerleading gym in London and Southwestern Ontario. Located in the heart of London's Old East Village (OEV), the gym offers high ceilings, rumbling sound systems and video playback systems. At approximately 10,000 square feet, the PCG has two stand-alone sprung floors, tumble trak, trampoline, large lobby and an amazing parents loft that overlooks the gym floor… and free WiFi!


Programs & Services


If you're looking for a positive empowering atmosphere for your daughter that teaches them to work as a team and lift their teammates (rather than put them down) this is the gym for you! The coaches have had an amazing, positive influence on my daughter. I'm so grateful.

Jennifer T.


I love coming to the PCG because I get to share my love for the sport with little hearts that love it too.

Joanna S.

Coach - Mini Mayhem

Working with athletes of all ages … from the tiniest tiny, to the ‘old kids’ on our collegiate teams; seeing their excitement as they hit a skill for the first time makes all the hard work worth it.

Garrett S.

Coach - Surge/Western All Girl

My daughter loves the gym! She has always been athletic, but this is the most motivated I have ever seen her. Cheer really clicked with her.

Camilla H.


Amazing atmosphere! I love walking in and dropping my daughter there for tumbling classes. The coaches are so welcoming. They are so patient and a joy to have!

Lucia T.



The Power Cheer Gym is home to some of Canada’s top University and College Cheer Teams and has close to 120 collegiate aged cheer athletes training here. If you are planning on coming (or staying) in London for your post-secondary education, the Power Cheer Gym has a team for you.

University of Western Ontario Mustangs.
Both the Western Co-Ed and All-Girl teams train exclusively at the Power Cheer Gym.

Fanshawe College Students
If you are attending Fanshawe College (or any of the satellite campuses), the Black Falcons Power Cheerleading Team is the team for you.

All done school and want to stay in competitive cheerleading? We have a team for you too. New for the 2018-2019 Season, the PCG is making its return to Open 6! Outlaws will be made up of ex-collegiate and all star cheerleaders as well as present college students and athletes looking to get their World's fix.